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Hopin Troubleshooting 

Can’t find the link to the event

The entrance to the event is by an Email ticket that was sent to you. 

Try to look for an email from “Blee-Merachok” in your inbox.

If you can’t find the email, contact support by emailing or on Slack channel #tko_hopin_support and our team will provide you with your entrance link. 

Can't log in

  • Refresh your browser

  • to enter from an incognito Chrome tab

  • Try logging in from another device


Hopin doesn't work

  • Use a computer rather than a mobile device to access Hopin

  • Use the most recent version of Google Chrome


Entered the event but can’t see anything happening

The event happens on the Main stage, Social Lounges, & Sales Expo

Please see the agenda in the bottom of the Lobby and navigate to the current area by clicking on the left toolbar. 


I can’t open the camera on the Main Stage

The main stage is a webinar mode, where you can see and hear the speaker but communicate only by chat.


I hear few sessions at once/Feedback sound

You might open Hopin in a few tabs/windows on your browser- Try close some tabs and see if it helps.


My camera/Microphone doesn’t work

Make sure your browser approves your camera and microphone on your device. Do that by clicking on the lock icon on the address bar of your browser to open the following window. Click approve for your Camera and Microphone. 

Camera menu.jpg

Any technical issue with navigating

Try to disconnect your VPN connections/ensure your device can access and share your camera and microphone. 

Lost sound, can’t share audio/video or screen share?

Try these steps:

  1. Refresh your browser

  2. Ensure your browser's permissions are granted to have access to your camera and microphone - check the lock logo in the address bar in google chrome. If you're on a Mac, ensure your browser has permission to record your screen (open your computer's System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Screen Recording > find your browser in the list and check the box)

  3. Quit and relaunch your browser

  4. Restart your computer

If all that doesn’t help feel free to get in touch with Tech Support 

by emailing 


 on Slack channel #Tko_hopin_support

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