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Hopin is an online events platform that specialises in engaging virtual events that connect people around the globe. It runs straight from your web browser.

While Hopin has a mobile app version, for the best experience we strongly recommend using a laptop or desktop computer. 

Hopin works best on the latest version of Google Chrome.


Log in

You will receive an email invitation:

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Click on the blue button  Login & join Event  , it will lead directly to the event.

This link is unique to your email address and enables you to log in to the event without any further identification. 

Welcome to

Hakhel's 7th Global Jewish Intentional Communities Summit

Since the ONLINE summit is getting closer and will start on May 1st, we want to make sure you will have the best experience from all aspects.
This page will focus on the technical side of the event so you will be able to connect smoothly and enjoy all the great content provided by the summit.

Here are some instructions and guidance on how to log in and get around the Hakhel online summit on the "Hopin" platform provided by "Merachok". Below, you may find links to video tutorials and Q&A.  

If you cannot find the email in your inbox try searching your spam folder for sender: Merachok.com - מרחוק <no-reply@hopin.com‏>


For further instructions watch this video tutorial : https://youtu.be/oeI7iRMm8DY


For Tech-support contact Merachok support on whatsapp: https://bit.ly/merachoksupportwhatsapp
( or by messaging +972 50 388 2020 )


Or by email to:  support@merachok.com

Landing in Hopin


First thing you will see after clicking the event link is the reception area.

To your left “the navigation toolbar”, to your right “the chat area” and you can scroll down for more information of the event.

Watch orientation tutorial: https://youtu.be/5e7WSDh3w4s  

If THIS is what you see - You've landed in the right place:


The Main Stage

This area is webinar style, you can interact with the speaker through the chat area on your right.


*Please note that you can choose to write your comment\question either on the event chat or the stage chat.

The chat area


In addition to the chat you can also answer polls and communicate with other participants in the event.

Please note that you can choose to write comments \ questions
either on the
event chat or the stage chat.


Sessions are group video-chat rooms.

In order to join the conversation with video and audio, simply click the blue button that says:  Share audio and video .

Share Audio&Video.png

Hopin will open a window for you to approve your camera by clicking apply.

If you choose not to share your audio and video, you may still listen and interact by writing messages/questions on the session’s chat. 

See session tutorial here:  https://youtu.be/C9r9AbOIPuY

If you cannot see yourself on screen after clicking  Share audio and video ,
adjust your security settings in Google Chrome by clicking the Lock icon in the URL address bar.

Camera menu.jpg

After you share your video and audio, you will be able to control them with the Control Bar at the bottom:

Session Controls.png

To stop sharing your video and audio, click                 at the upper right corner.

You will be asked to approve leaving (the video and audio charing).

Once approve, you will still remain in the session as an observer.

To exit the session - simply click the Sessions button on the left side
You can then select another session to hop in.



Networking is a time limited private video chat between two random participants in the event.

When you are ready to start networking simply click the  Ready  button.


If both parties click the  Connect  button, each will see the other's details in their profile area under Connections so they can follow-up later.



The Expo area is the vendor’s area, where you can find different digital booths from organizations and businesses relevant for the event.  

Hopin App for mobile 

Hopin App for iOS device can be downloaded from Apple App store:  https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hopin/id1542021364 

Hopin App for Adroid device can be downloaded from Google play:  

For any other technical issue, reach out Merachok support team at:

( or by messaging +972 50 388 2020 

Or by email: support@merachok.com