Virtual Event Producers Course

A participatory course in which we will learn the basics of the field, we will understand online / hybrid conferences on which platforms and tools we use to produce conferences and events online.

When: Mondays & Tuesdays, 16-17.11 and 22-23.11 between 18:00-16:00

Where: In our virtual training hall

How much: only 299 NIS

Who is suitable:   Freelancers from the digital worlds, project management, remote technical service and support, film or communication, people from the field of technology-oriented care, support people with big heads, IT people who like to work with people and organizations and in short people people.
Not suitable for students

Graduates who successfully complete the course and pass an admissions interview will be integrated into the company's activities.

Coming soon - hosting in the virtual space

Useful methods for facilitation in the virtual space, skills and options for dealing with objections, receiving feedback from participants, types of sessions, options for conducting a chat during a session and more.


Workshop topics:

Katimba (voice, movement, hands, gaze, confidence, enthusiasm) is virtual

Opening a meeting

Beyond online meetings - what we gained and what we lost

User management and security

Methodology meets technology - where the magic happens


Workshop length:

90 minutes



450 NIS

Coming soon - Miro 101

As part of the workshop, we will deal with 'Merachok' experiences for various purposes, with an emphasis on the experience of space and presence on the platform.

In the workshop we will discuss different types of discourse and meeting and we will examine while experiencing and creating what works better for us and how we can maximize the value and benefit of life 'from a afar'.


Workshop topics:

What are the worksheets and how do you work with them

Visual connectivity

Documentation and sharing of work and creation processes

Idea development processes (brainstorming, evaluating and selecting ideas)

Different types of presentation and remote feedback

Integrations with other digital tools and cloud storage services

Useful features - embedding files, links, exporting materials,

And more

Workshop length:

90 minutes


450 NIS