Who we are

Merachok was established with the Covid-19 outbreak, when one of the Israeli international organizations we worked with decided to cancel their annual conferences.

Lionel set out to map and research existing solutions across the web and compiled a collection of platforms and tools that address all the aspects required to produce a virtual conference.


Rei joined the initiative and together they identified another need; Many organizations had difficulty adapting to the routine of remote work, for which purpose additional tools and platforms were chosen.

The first goal that Lionel and Rei set for Merachok was to "help you adapt and succeed" because today it is known that not the strong but the adaptable survive.

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our vision

Enable organizations and individuals to adapt and create work, gathering, learning, and meeting environments

Tailored and relevant to the way we create and consume content

And to the period in which we live

The future is now

Merachok team

Merachok is a business of the self-employed, we believe it is right for each and every one of us to deal with his / her personal passion at the same time as joining forces and establishing a company that allows us to cooperate and help organizations that want to adapt and succeed.

Each and every one of us brings great experience and knowledge in his field, and a great desire to succeed

Our office is a virtual office, which allows us great flexibility in any project