Hosting Conventions without convening

Actual solutions for virtual events

'Merachok' enables organizations to maintain a business routine, continue to cultivate networking and move into the world of hybrid workspaces by using different event-hosting platforms.

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Registration System  

Multiple parallel round-tables 

Unique 1:1 Networking  

Conventions of up to 10,000 attendees 

Expo Booth area

This new virtual experience organization in fully realizing an attendee’s potential in its event – no matter where he or she is – helps the organization in its digital transformation and places it at the forefront of digital innovation.

The platform, which was built and designed precisely with this goal in mind, seamlessly integrates streaming and allows anyone, anywhere and with any device to connect.

Our approach in Merachok is that nothing is technologically impossible

Our diverse background and experience and our expertise in connecting methodology to technology makes it possible to connect to existing practice and create processes work for them

Starting Up

Planning and organizing virtual workspaces and campuses


Leading and guiding the organization in its digital transformation.


Planning and producing diverse conferences and virtual events

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